About Us


  • History - Mitchell Hedstrom founded Ziggley LLC in September 2012. Previously, Mitch spent most of his career as a corporate banker specializing in managing problem corporate and sovereign loans in New York City. "Ziggley.com" was launched in April 2013. Ziggley LLC was registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on August 27, 2013.
  • Mission - To provide homeowners in each of the municipalities (i.e., our "Selected Municipalities") with good quality reports that will enable them to be better informed about the level of residential property taxes in their municipality.
  • The data in our Recent Home Sales reports - Our residential real estate data is licensed from one of the larger and most respected data aggregators in the United States. These data aggregators gather data directly from municipalities and other third party sources. Ziggley makes this data accessible to individuals through our reports. We believe that our Ziggley reports contain the highest quality residential real estate-related data that is commercially available. However, we assume no liability for errors or omissions in our reports. Users are urged to independently confirm the accuracy of any information prior to taking any action based on the data included in our reports.